Band Descriptors: Road-map to Success

Professional Trainer: Laurel Jay Bassett

Thursday, 7 March 2019 - From 01:00pm to 04:00pm

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Course Description

The course will focus on writing and speaking band descriptors and how to use them in the IELTS preparation classroom to enhance student success on the IELTS test. Band descriptors provide a detailed "road-map" of exactly what instructors need teach to their students in order to guide them toward success. Students gain clarity about how IELTS scores are obtained and what they need to include in their writing and speaking sections in order to meet their IELTS goals. Attendees will participate collaboratively in IELTS-related activities that they can later use in their classrooms to help students achieve their target scores on the IELTS.

Course Aim

This course aims to increase the instructor's knowledge of the IELTS band descriptors so they can more effectively teach IELTS preparation courses. Teachers will learn how IELTS band descriptors can be integrated into several activities that will help them and their students identify and focus on the specific elements of IELTS Task 1 and Task 2 writing as well as the IELTS speaking section at all band levels. Understanding these specific elements will help teachers plan more effective lessons that target essential writing and speaking features, the inclusion of which will ultimately lead to successful outcomes for their students.

Anticipated Outcomes

Delegates are expected to deepen their knowledge of the IELTS band descriptors and how they can be used to structure focused lessons designed to produce higher levels of achievement in their students. Participants will also increase their repertoire of IELTS related activities that can be adapted and used in their classrooms. After attending this workshop, it is expected that IELTS teachers will be able to integrate instruction related to the band descriptors into their classes, making them more effective teachers of IELTS-related skills.