Researching Your Classroom and Getting Yourself Published

Professional Trainer: Christina Gitsaki

Thursday, 7 March 2019 - From 09:00pm to 12:00pm

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Course Description

One of the most effective models of professional development is teachers conducting research into their own classroom practice. Research has shown that teacher-initiated inquiries are more likely to bring about long-term transformation of teaching practice. This course introduces the key aspects that a teacher needs to consider in order to design, conduct and disseminate a classroom-based research project. The sessions will cover a hands-on workshop on what classroom-based research project looks like and engage participants in a series of short activities to help them design a project. Following that, sessions will concentrate on disseminating results through conference presentations and publications. Sessions will focus on how to write an abstract and the steps for writing an effective literature review. Finally, a map for writing a research paper will be shared with the participants.

Course Aim

The session aims to:
1. Introduce participants to the key components that need to be considered when planning and designing a classroom-based research project.
2. Help participants design a classroom-based research project.
3. Teach participants how to write an effective abstract.
4. Show participants a set of strategies for writing a literature review.
5. Share with the participants a map for preparing a research paper for publication.

Anticipated Outcomes

At the end of the course, participants will:
1. Have a plan for carrying out a classroom-based inquiry.
2. Know how to write an effective abstract.
3. Know how to write a literature review.
4. Have a clear map of what a research paper looks like and how to write one for publication.