Step-by-Step writing: from SV agreement to writing coherent essays

Professional Trainer: Gary Pathare

Thursday, 7 March 2019 - From 09:00am to 12:00pm

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Course Description

At the heart of successful writing is the ability to write simple sentences in which the subject agrees with the verb. However, many students do not achieve this, leading to weak writing in academic essays. In this workshop, the presenter will show how this fundamental ability can be broken down and taught in simple steps that students can understand and master. From there, participants will learn how the approach can continue all the way up to writing an EmSAT or IELTS-style essay. The session will be ‘hands on’ experiential learning, so that participants can experience the activities from the learners’ perspective. During the session, the presenter will also demonstrate teaching strategies and will explore underlying grammar and writing skills methodology.

Course Aim

To show how to break the writing skill into learnable steps.
To outline a method of developing learning materials suitable for teaching English to lower-level students in the region, based on identifying prerequisites and prioritizing fundamentals within a skill or language.
To highlight clarify the relationship between grammar and the writing skill.
To develop participants’ awareness of teaching strategies, techniques and methodology.

Anticipated Outcomes

The session will develop teachers’ understanding of the underlying elements of key writing skills leading to writing essays. It will provide a unique perspective on several areas of writing and grammar, in particular subject/verb agreement and a structured approach to writing essays that works successfully in this region.