Task-Based Language Teaching and Assessment: From Theory to Practice

Professional Trainer : Ali Shehadeh

Thursday, 7 March 2019 - From 09:00am to 12:00pm

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Course Description

This course focuses on task-based language teaching and assessment (TBLT/A), especially relevant for practicing teachers.
In recent years, there has been a great interest in task-based language teaching and assessment (TBLT/A) among researchers, language professionals and language teachers worldwide. However, much still needs to be done on the pedagogical side. Specifically, TBLT/A -as well as their underlying principles- should be made more accessible to practicing teachers. One reason why traditional teaching still persists in many parts of the world is because many teachers do not know how to utilize TBLT/A in their practices. Another reason is that not many teachers or instructors, when pressed hard, know what TBLT/A exactly are and why they are more conducive to L2 learning. And third, many teachers consider TBLT/A to be ‘alien theoretical concepts’ that are not applicable to their specific teaching context or educational setting.
Addressing these and other related issues, this PD course will make TBLT/A principles and implementation accessible to the classroom teacher, enabling the teacher to make the necessary adaptation to TBLT/A to suit his/her context.

Course Aim

The aims of this PD course are to:

  • Place TBLT/A in context and illustrate their underlying theoretical and pedagogical principles
  • Introduce teachers to the major concepts of TBLT/A
  • Identify the main implementation frameworks/models of TBLT/A
  • Illustrate implementation procedures of TBLT/A
  • Enable the classroom teacher to make the necessary adaptation of TBLT/A to suit his/her context.

Anticipated Outcomes

As a result of attending this course, participants should be better equipped to:

  • Possess knowledge of the fundamental concepts of TBLT/A
  • Articulate the main underlying principles of TBLT/A
  • Utilize and implement TBLT/A successfully in their teaching practices
  • Make the necessary and reasoned contextual adaptations in utilizing TBLT/A to suit their education settings (e.g., task-based language teaching, task-supported language teaching, or task-based language teaching alongside other teaching methodologies).

The approach taken in the course will be interactive and collaborative.