Bridging the Research – Practice Gap: What does it take to publish in high impact journals in applied linguistics

Professional Trainer : Janina Brutt - Griffler

Thursday, 7 March 2019 - From 01:00pm to 04:00pm

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Course Description

This session will focus on research publishing in language learning and teaching. First, I will outline some historical background of the field, which will provide a background to discuss current trends towards quality research, emerging methodological paradigms, the emergence of rigor, transparency and openness. Participants in the session will engage in discussing concrete examples of academic texts and strategies to revise to meet the standards of high impact journals’ demands. There will be time allocated for consultation in small workshop groups.

Course Aim

The session will focus on discussing current trends towards quality research in applied linguistics and on meeting the publishing standards in high impact journals.

Anticipated Outcomes

The delegates will develop a better understanding of the rigor of research standards, research design, the editors' expectations, and the emerging methodological research paradigms in applied linguistics. We will workshop on concrete academic texts and revise samples provided.